June 7, 2020

Quick Hygiene Guide to Help Avoid Bringing COVID-19 Home

Our health experts have already encouraged us that the simplest and best way to prevent the spread of the virus starts with basic hygiene measures including, but not limited to, washing our hands, practicing good respiratory etiquette, and staying at home.

But when we go out to work or to do grocery shopping, how do we avoid bringing the COVID-19 virus home? How should we disinfect? These could be some of our worries when there is a need for us to go out and run some important errands. With COVID-19 still around and with people slowly going back to their normal work routine, it’s important that we all know how to avoid bringing the virus home.

Arriving home after work:

Take off your shoes before entering.

Even in our old usual and as part of our culture and tradition, we have been practicing leaving our shoes outside as these tend to be a lot dirtier by carrying bacteria and other contaminants into our homes. Although our pandemic concerns have grown, health experts still claim that the primary form of exposure is the direct transmission from person to person, not clothing or shoe to person transmission. Still, with the health crisis we have, this tip will remain to be highly advisable.

Throw your face mask right away.

As soon as you re-enter your home, remove your face mask, wrap it in plastic, and throw it away into your garbage can. 

Sanitize immediately.

Do not touch or hug your other family members yet. Go to the bathroom, remove your clothing, and soak the clothes in soapy water before washing them. Have a shower, too, and clean yourself with soap, especially your face and hands.

Think about your phone, too.

It is recommended to clean your phone with alcohol or disinfectant wipes since phones have a potential higher risk of transmission because they are in close contact with mouth, nose, and hands.

Arriving home after a trip to the grocery store:

Drop your bags in a safe area outside your home, take your shoes off, throw away your face mask, and wash your hands with soap. Start with packaged items.

Get a cloth damped with a cleaner or disinfectant and use it to wipe down any other plastic or cardboard packages. Once you’re done, wash the area or surface that was touched by your groceries and wash your hands with soap afterward.

Wash your fruits and vegetables. It is not recommended to use soap in washing your fruits and vegetables because of having the risk of ingestion. Wash them thoroughly with cold water and dry them with a paper towel before storing.

Sanitize immediately by having a quick shower with a thorough cleaning.

Practicing daily home hygiene:

Start with your personal hygiene.

Simple hygiene measures are effective to help protect you, your family, and your home. Take a regular bath and practice regular hand-washing.

Clean and disinfect high-touch surfaces.

High-touch surfaces include, but not limited to, door handles, tables, chairs, kitchen and bathroom surfaces, taps, light switches, toys, phones, computers, and other gadgets. First, clean them with soap with water and then use a disinfectant.

Prepare food with clean hands.

Always wash your hands with soap and water before preparing your family meal.

Stay Safe Everyone!

We here at G Cube Design and Build wish for your health and safety. This is why we’ve adjusted our processes in dealing with our clients. If you wish to talk to us regarding your dream home or property, we can schedule an online meeting.

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