Villas at La Vida Resort

When planning a resort, one of your top considerations should be the villas. You can bet that potential guests will look at your villas. After all, it’s where they’ll be sleeping in.

Majority of your potential guests will be booking because they want to rest and relax. This is why your villas should exude rest and relaxation. In this time of Facebook My Day and Instagram Stories, they should be beautiful as well.

Historically, villas are luxurious estates that people invest on so they’ll have a place where they can escape from their hectic life. It’s a home away from home – a grandiose one at that.

But nowadays, people are looking for something more minimalist. The challenge is to find that balance between minimalism and luxury. Of course, don’t forget about functionality.

We present to you the Villas at La Vida Resort.

la vida resort

The project site is more or less 540 sqm. We were able to comfortably fit in 5 villas, with each one measuring approximately 108 sqm.

Speaking of functionality, each villa has 4 bedrooms, 4 toilets, 4 entry porch, 4 dining area and living area.

Client/Owner: Mr. and Mrs. M. 

Architects: Ar. Remwil Alega, Ar. Mariethel Garing-Matabang

Project Status: Construction (on-going under admin)

One Comment on “Villas at La Vida Resort

Dickson Laviong
April 5, 2020 at 6:18 am


We are intersted to know more about this Cedu Villa and wonder if we are able to buy this paln ….

Thankyou for your reply.



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