Palma-Malaluan Hospital

Shortly after completion of the Al Hajeri Building (dialysis center and commercial spaces) located at Rosario, Batangas, the Palma-Malaluan Hospital just across it came to us to consult about their 3-storey building and their plans of expansion. We have been commissioned to do the renovation works of both the interior and exterior part of the whole existing structure 2 weeks after.

Palma-Malaluan Hospital

Palma-Malaluan Hospital Before and After

Our client, a group of doctors, wanted to have a new look for their green and pink exterior walls building and we presented a Greystone colored wall and the use of steel and wood that covers the main entrance and emergency entrance to make the hospital look softer, sleek and modern.

Other scopes of our work include the following:

  • Emergency room, doctor’s quarters, clinics, cashier, information/lobby/outpatient department, inpatient rooms both wards and private rooms and the toilets inside, main entrance canopy, emergency room entrance canopy, nurse stations, and railings for the ramps, staircase and the facade.
  • Sun buffers (off white color as shown in the after picture) were introduced to mitigate extreme heat gain and glare. Windows behind it are still operable though to let natural air flow in and out at the occupant’s discretion. Each niche or block of sun buffers has one openable door for emergency purposes.PMH
  • Renovation works of delivery and operating room.
  • Interior renovation of the reception counter or outpatient department whereby the unnecessary ceiling designs were simplified and cove light that shines in an arrayed wood was introduced and a more classy and space efficient counter was constructed (refer to before and after picture).PMH Rosario

Here are some more perspectives: 

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