March 18, 2019

Incorporate these Tips to Turn a Simple House Design in the Philippines into Your Dream Home

The extravagant can be a thing of beauty. Filipinos mostly think that a large, expensive, and a gated home inside a private subdivision is the epitome of success and six-digit salaries. People think that, once that is accomplished, a man is basically living his dream.

But, come to think of it, sometimes, a simple house design in the Philippines is pretty much the best design there is, especially in our country. There are times wherein extravagance can be boring and unnecessary. 

There are times where even the richest of the rich seeks to find peace amongst the buzz and the hee-haws of extravagance. Simplicity is sometimes what makes a house a home. It may not seem like it, but sometimes, a simple house design is much more of a “dream house” in itself.

Simplicity will always outmaneuver grandeur. Simple house design in the Philippines is a chic and space-saving way of saying that you do what you want to, and that you want your house to be a home rather than just a beautiful house.

But, how does one start? Surely, it isn’t that easy to make a house as cozy and as comfortable as the beautiful, Victorian-esque homes of the ridiculously wealthy or the million-acre mansions of people who earn more in a month that what we earn in a lifetime. But remember, a house is just a house.

However, a home is more than just a house. It’s a place where you can be your own skin, and your own self. And, most especially, be at full control of everything.

Hopefully, you can. And with being wise and clever, your simple dream house can just be as good as something made with a million dollars.

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Functionality is Key

simple house design in the philippines

Functionality will always be a plus when it comes to a home. Remember, a simple house design in the Philippines does not always mean you’re going to live in a Romanian jailhouse. Sometimes, a simple, functional design in a house is chic, simple, yet cozy enough for you and, hopefully, your family.

bathroom renovation

Say, cheaper, sturdier tiles can set you back a few bucks to spend on bidets or shower heaters or on automatic toilets or whatever you need in your home. There will always be a cheaper yet better substitutes for whatever you need, and all you got to do is a bit of searching.

Yes, it’s pretty tedious and time-consuming. But remember, you can’t rush perfection. So, take all the time that you need to find the perfect things for your home, and it will all pay dividends where it matters the most.

Focus on the Quality of Materials

Using quality materials is also a big advantage in the long run when it comes to designing a house. Simple, quality materials will always be a good investment when it comes to a house.

philippine house designs and floor plans for small houses

A simple house design in the Philippines should be able to withstand rain, storms, sleet, snow, heat waves, and everything nature can throw at it. Remembering the fact that our country is a pretty tropical country with an average of 20 typhoons entering our Area of Responsibility in a year, investing in quality materials in a home is already a given.

simple house design

A plus is given if you’re able to find cheaper, quality materials for your home. It takes real skill to bargain, but another layer of skill to procure a brand-new product for a cheaper price.

Invest in Interior and Landscape Design Instead

Interior design is also a huge factor in a house. A simple interior and exterior is a bonafide way of ensuring that a simple house becomes a cozy and comfortable home to stay in.

Hiring people that knows what you want and knows how you want it done is a good way of ensuring simplicity in your dream home.

Investing in a landscaping artist will also be a given plus, as there are literally millions of ways of designing your dream yard or whatever it is you want to be done.

Invest in a Good Architect and Contractor to Maximize Your Funds

Investment in a house is a jump of faith. It can go different ways. I know someone who built a home only to leave it after 3 years as it wasn’t that sturdy. I also know someone who has stayed in their beloved bungalow for almost 3 decades already.

A simple house design in the Philippines need not be barbaric. A simple house design with a high quality of life is what makes a house a home.

We can help you do just that. Let us design a simple house design for you that will improve the quality of your life.

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One Comment on “Incorporate these Tips to Turn a Simple House Design in the Philippines into Your Dream Home

January 7, 2020 at 9:44 pm

Greetings! me and my wife are from the US and planning to retire next, acquire residential lot in Antipolo and build our dream house there.
We like the open concept minimalist/tropical modern house.
Question is around how much would cost us for a 2 storey 250 sq/meter floor area with 4 bedroom 4 bath.
So beside the architecture plan and construction, you guys also do the interior design?

Thank u,


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