February 2, 2020

How to Make Your Home More Comfortable when it’s Too Cold

Lipa City and most Batangas cities are enjoying cool weather in the low 20s. In fact, there are nights when the temperature drops to 19 degree Celsius. While most people enjoy this, it can be a challenge for some people to live in a home that’s too cold.

We’re talking about the elderly, babies, and those who simply don’t like the cold.

While homeowners in foreign countries can simply turn on the heater or their fireplace, most homes in the Philippines don’t have them because they’re considered to be a luxury rather than a necessity. This doesn’t mean that you can suffer through the cold. With just a few tips, you can make your home a bit more comfortable.

Follow these Tips for a Warmer and More Comfortable Home

  • Cuddle up!

Hey, nothing’s more natural than cuddling up with a loved one. Remember in the Twilight: Eclipse camping scene wherein Bella was freezing and Jacob offered to cuddle up to her to keep her warm? That’s sweet, but at the same time, scientific. It works.

  • Bundle up.

What if you don’t have anyone to cuddle up to? If this is the case, bundle up! Wear your thickest jacket. Wear thick socks. Use the comforter that’s in the back of your closet. Use flannel sheets with the comforter if it’s still too cold.

Enjoy a hot cup of Kapeng Barako while bundled up!

  • Reverse the direction of your ceiling fan if it has that option.

This will suck the air upwards so that the cool air will mix with the warm air.

  • Use carpets and area rugs.
floor renovation

In addition to making your home look more beautiful, they can also help make your home warmer. They can also help make your steps warmer. They’re warmer to walk on than the cold tiled flooring.

  • Open and close the curtains strategically.

Open the curtains especially if there’s sunlight. Let the sun in. It can help provide natural warmth.

modern bungalow house designs in the philippines

Close the curtains as soon as the sun sets to trap the warmth in. Use heavy thermal curtains for best results.

  • Check the caulking of your windows and caulk them if necessary.

Gaps can let the cool draft in. In addition to increasing your energy bills, it can also make your home cooler than it should be.

  • Place a draftstopper underneath the doors.

Just like with the caulk, a draftstopper can prevent the cool draft from entering your home.

  • Insulate your home.

Adding insulation can help make your home more comfortable. This applies to both warm and cool weather. This is a very important consideration in a new home so make sure to talk to us about this.

  • Light candles.

Candles can provide a bit of warmth especially inside the bedroom. Scented candles add the benefit of comforting scent. Just make sure not to leave them unattended!

  • Re-arrange the furniture.

This is done strategically so you can take advantage of the warmth that the sun naturally provides. For starters if you work from home, place your work station by the window that lets in sunlight. You should also move your bed away from its existing area if it attracts drafts.

Talk to Us for a More Comfortable Home or Business Establishment!

We take your comfort into consideration. We’ll help you build a home or business establishment that will remain comfortable whether it’s cold or hot. Message us today!

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