December 10, 2018

Holiday Tips for the Filipino Home

Time sure flew, huh? One second we’re celebrating New Year and now, we’re about to celebrate a new one. It’s the holiday season and as Filipinos, we sure know how to celebrate Christmas and New Year!

Unfortunately, a lot of Filipinos don’t know how to celebrate it safely. The holiday season is for our family, so it makes sense to ensure our safety and the safety of our home. Read on for some holiday tips for the Filipino home.

Don’t Let the Whole World Know that You’re Leaving for the Holidays

It might be tempting to announce to the whole world via social media that the whole family is leaving for Hong Kong from December 23 to January 2. It’s basically an invitation for robbers to rob your home because you’re basically telling the whole world that it’s going to be unoccupied.

Remember Home Alone?

Save the announcement later on when you post pictures of your fun holiday!

If you’re leaving, it’s best to have a trusted family member or friend house sit for you or at least check it every now and then. You can also have your trusted neighbor look after your house for you. At the very least,have someone pick up mail or clean the yard because unpicked mail and an unkempt yard are signs that no one’s home.

In case you missed it, here’s the ideal house layout if you’re raising a family.

Watch Out for Scams

It’s the season of giving. Just make sure that you’re giving to those who are really in need and not to some scammer. You’d likely encounter people handing out envelopes or asking for your help. There’s a good chance that the envelope will be for the Church of their Own Pocket or worse, they’re using the opportunity to scout your home.

Set Up the Christmas Tree Properly and Watch Out for Electrical Fires


It’s in our nature to make our home as festive as possible so we have Christmas lights around the tree and even all over the house. Make sure that this is well-planned with the help of a licensed electrician to make sure that you’re not overloading. It’s also a good idea to make sure that you’re using high quality Christmas lights.

It’s also a good idea to turn them off when not in use.

A Christmas tree can be very heavy especially when packed with ornaments. Set it up in a corner where it won’t be bumped by running kids and pets. Make sure that it’s standing tall and secure and that it’s not in any danger of tipping over.

Make sure that the cord of the Christmas lights is not in the way.

Don’t Play with Firecrackers


There were 191 firecracker-related injuries last year. While down from the previous years, you still wouldn’t want to be a part of this statistic.

Keep yourself and your family safe. Admire fireworks from afar. Use other noisemakers like trumpets.

You should also secure your pets. Pets are more vulnerable to loud sounds. Keep your pets inside your home before the noises start and be there to calm them down.

Check Your Home for Repair and Renovation Needs

simple house design

As Filipinos, we have family and guests over during the holiday season. Maybe take this chance to check if your home needs repair or renovation? You wouldn’t want your guest to get into an accident just because you failed to address a repair or renovation need.

Turn Your Dream Home into Reality

2 storey house plans

This holiday season, you might be thinking of finally gifting your family with the ultimate gift – your dream home. Maybe you’ve been saving for your dream home. We can help turn your dream home into reality. Contact us today!

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